TensionersEcosse Subsea Systems own and lease 2 x 10Te Hydraulic Drive Tensioners designed to complement the carousel system and PREP.  Each tensioner is supplied with a dedicated Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and Remote Control Unit (RCU).  A complete hose set and spares kit is also included as part of the package.

System Summary

  • 2x10Te hydraulic tensioners capable of being operated singularly or in series for 20Te line pull
  • Tensioners can be used in either direction, pull of up to 20Te in one direction, 10Te in the other
  • Product handling range of 40mm-200mm
  • Each tensioner is hired with dedicated HPU
  • Used for both pipe and cable lay

The tensioner systems are designed to run in series to offer a maximum line pull of 20Te. This set up is designed to operate on a “master” and “slave” based set up.