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ESS have completed detailed design and manufacture, supported by a number of recognised industry experts, in order to develop the SCARJet evolutionary trencher. SCARJet is a class leading trenching system designed for use with standard work class ROVs. The system includes dual jetting swords powered by up to 1.1 megawatt of surface supplied water power. The system will be capable of jetting a trench up to 3m deep and 900mm wide.

Target performance for the system is to reduce the project trenching schedule to a single pass solution compared to what is currently available from existing jet trenchers on the market. Key to the superior performance is the innovative trench energy containment system, validated by industry recognised experts.

The system is primarily intended for use in relatively shallow water, up to 100m water depth and will have the capability of trenching from the shoreline out to depth in a continuous operation.

Embracing the modularity that drove the SCAR plough chassis designs, the trenching module is compatible with the vast majority of work class ROVs available on the market. The host ROV docks on to the trenching module base frame, post-deployment, in order to provide the necessary power and control for tracked jet trenching operations.

Product sizes up to 800mm outside diameter can be accommodated between the jetting swords.  The vehicle can be outfitted with survey grade sensors to suit the project needs, please contact Ecosse Subsea Systems to discuss your requirements.

Ecosse Subsea Systems will undertake a full evaluation of the project geophysical and Geotechnical data to ensure the vehicle is set-up and tuned to suit the soil conditions expected.


SCARJet represents the latest addition to the SCAR Seabed System family, designed to add cutting edge jetting and post-lay trenching capabilities to the existing pre-cut methods offered by the SCAR ploughing tools.

The vehicle can be utilised for in trench trenching with the use of angular control on the track drive system as well as undertaking trenching operations on a virgin seabed with the track drive system arranged in a traditional trenching arrangement. Track drive control is infinitely variable from 35 degrees to 90 degrees to accommodate the shape of the pre-cut trench or virgin
seabed. Track width control can also be utilised to extend the width of the track base for second pass jetting works should the seabed become difficult to maintain traction for second pass trenching.

The vehicle utilises a variable aft fluidisation tooling arrangement to suit the product mechanical properties and provide DOL data referenced to mean seabed level as well as adding additional high pressure water delivery to the trench over the entire length of the tool, extending the length of the fluidisation zone. SCARJet also utilises revolutionary trenching technology to extend the trench fluidisation zone and hydraulic shock up to 10m behind the vehicle greatly increasing the efficiency of the product lowering. Localised environmental impact of trenching operations is also
significantly lowered by reducing the volume of soil particulate in the water column and dramatically reducing noise emissions compared to traditional jet trenching vehicles.


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