“Global Experts in Subsea Technology, Engineering and Personnel”Ecosse Subsea Personnel

Established in 1996, ESS started life as Engineering Consultants delivering engineering support to Oil and Gas Clients and today we are known as an innovative provider of both products and services for all offshore installation requirements and have earned a global reputation for outstanding service delivery in the oil & gas and renewable industry. Our personnel oversee offshore construction and diving work for our clients costing more than £400 million a year and valued at much more.

Our personnel division currently provides offshore personnel to our clients on a global basis, mainly as client representatives and offshore managers working in the oil and gas sector.  The ability to call on the pool of expertise that we have built up sets us apart from our competitors, as we have access to subject matter experts in a variety of areas e.g. diving, pre-commissioning, installation, pipe-lay, umbilical installation, trenching, protection.

How It Works

Firstly, we appreciate every client is different and we resolve their individual needs:

  • Tailored personnel services on long term or project specific basis – we deliver the best and most cost effective solution for your needs
  • Ongoing support for clients’ personnel issues and contractors’ arrangements – we have the experience to resolve complex issues quickly and efficiently.
  • We only provide highly experienced professionals whose competence and advice can be relied upon.
  • Our candidates are selected not only for their technical ability but also to complement individual client culture.
  • We help you find the best person available, not the first person available.


  • Knowledge: 40 years of combined experience
  • Relationships: We pride ourselves on our great relationships with both clients and contractors
  • Reputation: We have a great reputation in the industry for providing a quality service, while acting professionally and fairly
  • Quality: We help you find the best person available, not the first person available.
  • Flexibility: We can tailor the range of services we offer to meet our clients‘needs.
  • Response: We prioritise on an on-going basis and can react quickly to any request.

Who We Provide

  • Client Reps – Construction/Dive/ROV/SurveyEcosse Subsea Personnel
  • Offshore Managers
  • Project Engineers (Onshore / Offshore)
  • Project Management /Subsea Engineers
  • Trenching and Burial Personnel – Technicians and Operators
  • Bridge Personnel
  • Deck Crew – Deck Foreman, Rigging Foreman, Riggers, Crane Operators, Welders
  • Cable Crew – Mechanical & Electrical Technicians, Carousel and Tensioner operators and Tower teams