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Trenching Pre Cut

Trenching Pre CutThe SCAR Seabed System can be utilised to excavate trenches in advance of the product lay phase. SCAR is designed to cut a trench of up to 3m in a single pass depending on the configuration (please see table below) in ideal soil conditions (generally soft to medium clays).

SCAR also encompasses an innovative multi-pass capability whereby the front skids can be elevated to enable SCAR to perform additional passes from inside the first pass trench. In doing this, SCAR can theoretically perform unlimited subsequent passes without vastly increasing the footprint of the tool on the seabed. The multi-pass method has been proven by the successful execution of over 100 multi-passes in a wide range of soil conditions.
SCAR Seabed System is extremely compact and robust, translating to significant potential cost savings on vessel costs and maintenance downtime, as well as transport and storage costs.

SCAR System has performed in a wide range of soil conditions ranging from loose sands to very stiff clays and glacial till (up to kPa 350). Progress rates up to 1,000m/hour can generally be expected with tow force outputs rarely exceeding 100Te in all but the stiffest materials.
ESS have designed SCAR Seabed System with the interests of the product owner in mind. It is known that many insurance claims in oil, gas and renewables are related to pipelines, and the highest incidence of claims occur during the product protection phase. This is due to a number of factors:

  • excessive tow forces in stiff soils, or
  • aggressive chain cutters, or
  • high powered jetting systems
  • proximity of pipeline to cutting surface

All can affect the integrity of the product. Through our extensive experience of working with cable and pipeline manufacturers we have gained valuable insight into how trenching systems should be designed, namely: to deliver a cost effective solution that minimises the risk posed to product. This is why ESS primarily advocates a pre-cut trenching technique.



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