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Trenching Post/Simultaneous Lay

The SCAR Seabed System can also be configured into Post-lay or Simultaneous Trenching mode, enabling trenching to occur subsequent to lay of the product. This can also be done in multi-pass mode to excavate to a greater depth than could be achieved with one pass. If a multi-pass operation is required, SCAR System would only handle the product on the final pass to minimise contact time and risk to the product.

SCAR in these modes is suitable for trenching pipelines, umbilicals and cables.

In post lay mode, the system can also be used for remedial trenching, re-burying any pipelines or flexible product that have become exposed by the hydraulic action of undersea currents or other causes. The product will be mounted as shown below left, in such a way to reduce the impact on the integrity of the pipeline or flexible product.

SCAR in Post-Lay mode, set up for multiple pass, laying pipeline onto the trench floor (below left) and SCAR in Post-lay mode, set up for single pass laying flexible product (below centre). Flexible products can also be ploughed simultaneously (below right).


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