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SCAR Seabed System Overview

The modular SCAR Seabed System is our innovative solution to the subsea product installation challenge. By adapting a common basic chassis, SCAR can be configured to perform a variety of functions, namely: Soils Testing; Route Preparation/Boulder Clearing; Trenching – Pre-Cut (multi-pass capable), Post-Lay, Simultaneous Lay; Backfill. SCAR is typically mobilised to a standard AHTS tow vessel and is deployed over the stern roller, negating the need for a heavy A-Frame or crane and significantly increasing working weather limitations.

SCAR can complete the entire trenching Scope of Work (route preparation, trenching and backfill) using one contractor in one mobilisation, leading to significant reductions in risk and cost, as well as marked improvements in time efficiency. To date SCAR has executed boulder clearance and trenching on hundreds of kilometres of pipeline and cable routes, completing well over 500 passes in the process.

Trenching Pre Cut

SCAR Seabed System is designed to be deployed in a number of configurations:

• Route Preparation / Boulder Clearance – clearing a route of obstructions and inhibitive seabed features (e.g sandwaves) in preparation for subsequent trenching/cable installation activities
• Trenching – Pre-Cut, multi-pass
• Trenching – Post Lay
• Trenching – Simultaneous (cable/pipeline/umbilical)
• Backfill
• SUST Survey, pre-scope survey to assess the route and support the planning of the execution of work




Route Preparation/Boulder Clearance

Pre-Cut Trenching

Post/Simultaneous Lay & Burial


Boulder Clearance
Pre-Cut Trenching





SCAR Seabed System –  Animation

SCAR Seabed System  – Launch & Landing on Seabed

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