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“SUST – SCAR Uninterrupted Soils Testing”

Updated SUST diagramSCAR Seabed System: SUST Configuration

  • SCAR Seabed System is designed to be launched from a range of vessels including Anchor Handlers and Multi-cats. It can be launched and recovered over the stern roller.
  • Requires 4-6 people to operate on the vessel.

In its SUST configuration, the SCAR share is modified and fitted with a number of bespoke sensors measuring:

  • Tip force
  • Side friction
  • Pore water pressure
  • Provides information on the route, soils, and assists in the planning of projects.
  • In effect, continuous CPT

Benefits of Using SCAR for BAS Survey

Deploying SCAR System along the proposed product route will provide a clear view of the project: strength of soils; tow force requirements; speed; mapping of the route; identification of variations and possible trenching issues. This is invaluable information during a front-end engineering phase of any installation project, enabling accurate assessment of the requirements of the workscope, trenchability of the seabed and trenching tool selection.

Download Brochures

PDF downloadSCAR Route Preparation/Boulder Clearance System
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PDF download SCAR Trenching System
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PDF downloadSCAR CPU Configuration
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PDF download SCAR Backfill System
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