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Route Preparation/Boulder Clearance


seabed prep

  • This configuration of the SCAR System can be used for various tasks including route preparation for surface pipe-lay and boulder/obstacle clearance for subsequent installation activities (such as trenching).
  • During a project off the West Coast of Shetland the SCAR Route Preparation & Boulder Clearance System proved itself to be reliable and durable, clearing a 67km long, 10m wide route in 6 days, removing 1,000s of boulders from the route up to 2m in size with absolutely no system downtime recorded.
  • By adopting a single or multi-pass procedure, SCAR can clear any corridor width required by the client.
  • SCAR is designed to be launched from a range of readily available vessels including Anchor Handlers and Multi-cats. It can be launched and recovered over the stern roller without a heavy crane or A-frame. SCAR System typically requires an operating crew of 7, although smaller crews are possible if accommodation is limited.

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