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PREP / Flexible Pipe-lay

Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-lay system (PREP)

prepEcosse Subsea Systems’ Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-lay system is a modular system designed for up to 8″ pipe in max. 150m of water. This system provides a more tailored solution for shallow water pipe-lay projects.

PREP utilises the elastic properties of pipes, allowing pipe to be laid from smaller, more readily available vessels thus achieving considerable cost savings.

Plastic Reeled Elastic Pipe-lay Key Benefits:

  • Economic pipe-lay on a project by project basis
  • Fits smaller vessels than competitors’ systems
  • Allows the undertaking of construction projects where core scope is rigid pipe-lay
  • PREP uses standard flex lay components for quick mobilisation
  • Good match with Olympic Spoolbase
  • System can lay umbilical and flexible pipelines
  • Compatible on back deck with SCAR Subsea Trenching System

  Market Advantages

  • PREP eliminates the requirement for a fleeting tower – the spooling device fleets using the elastic properties of pipe
  • This low risk system induces only two strain cycles and therefore a lower grade pipe can be utilised
  • Multiple small reels can be carried to increase volume capacity and maximise cost efficiency
  • Adaptable with larger vessels PREP can lay 8” pipe in deeper water or with a larger reel can lay 10” or even 12” pipe