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Eightsome Reel & Marine Renewables

Eightsome Reel

Sponsors are being sought to develop Eightsome Reel, a deepwater flexible and riser installation/recovery system.

Eightsome Reel is a realistic, adaptable and cost-effective alternative to VLS. It can be deployed over stern, side or moon pool on a lay vessel. It can be used to lay flexible pipe, steel-cored umbilicals, conventional umbilicals, power cables and fibre optic cables in deep water.

If you would like more information about Eightsome Reel, please contact the team on +44(0) 1330 826870.

Marine Renewables

WWM Wave Energy Converter

Ecosse Subsea Systems and Robert Gordon University (RGU) have completed the first phase of development of the WWM, having secured funding to assist with RGU participation from the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

The WWM can generate several MW of power per device and is scalable to produce power on any large body of water. The power is generated in a dry environment and exported to end users. All the components to produce a WWM unit already exist so confirmation by the RGU team that the basic principles are sound is a significant step forward for the project.


If you would like more information about this technology please contact the team on 01330 826870.

WWM Tidal Energy Converter

The WWM Tidal Device uses Ecosse Subsea Systems’ existing technologies reconfigured for application in tidal areas. It is a simple and robust invention, in common with other ESS technologies and will be useful for rivers and streams as well as tidal areas. It is ideal for small- and large-scale projects, and for remote communities. In common with the WWM Wave Energy Device, it is more environmentally friendly than other solutions, e.g. tidal barrages, and is more efficient because it harnesses a large mass of water.