The Carousel can be used to install a wide range of subsea products from inter array cables through to export cables, flexible pipelines and umbilicals.


ESS’s carousel system has been designed to be installed on a suitable lay-vessel in a single lift.  The system can be used as a standard carousel for typical flexible product installations or can be used as part of ESS’s PREP system.  In this case, the carousel can be utilised in both horizontal and vertical orientations i.e. as carousel or as a reel.

System Summary:

  • Current capacity 800Te (can be modified up to 2,000Te)
  • Diameter 14m outer basket
  • 10.5m inner bullring (removable)
  • 5.2m inner core
  • Lay speed 0-200 meters per hour, 30 second acceleration to full speed

The full Carousel system comprises of a number of key items and subassemblies; Basket and Core, Grillage, Rollers and Tracks, Floor, Drive System and Central Bush.



Track Record


Project Title

Project Description

January 2014 – January 2015 Humber Gateway Array Cable Installation E.On C&R Design, Delivery and Installation of 400Te Cable Lay Carousel and Back Deck Lay Equipment for the MV Atlantic Carrier on the Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Farm project. System was utilized to install array cables within the site.

ESS 800Te Carousel – Video Footage