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When configured in Backfill mode, SCAR is deployed to return the excavated spoil to the trench to facilitate burial of the product. SCAR System in this configuration is designed to mechanically return the excavated spoil to the trench above the product whilst filtering out undesired objects such as boulders and other debris that may be located within the spoil heaps. The configuration of the tool also serves to smoothen the post-backfilled seabed.

SCAR Seabed System in backfill mode encompasses a number of unique design features that set it apart from similar tools on the market:

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  • Fully adjustable backfill boards for mechanical guidance of spoil to the trench;
  • Split skid arrangement enabling the tool to span the trench, ensuring no part of the tool rides inside the trench
  • Rear aperture to allow filtering of excess spoil to pass through the tool and prevent clogging

Similar backfill tools have been used to bury pipelines, cables and umbilicals subsea for many years. The differentiating factor for the SCAR System is its safety driven design and compatibility with the SCAR Route Preparation and Trenching Systems, making it one of the most cost effective and low risk burial solutions on the market.





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